Whether you see it day or night, Ibiza is a fascinating city, an island of delicious contrasts.

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Whether you see it day or night, Ibiza is a fascinating city, an island of delicious contrasts. Cosmopolitan and multicultural, but attached to its rural roots. Bustling and relaxing. Of global fame and at the same time unknown. An exceptional piece of the Mediterranean, to which many come with the claim of its vibrant nights, but which offers many other attractions. More than 18 km of fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, pure white houses, fortified churches or the unforgettable walls of Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site.Located in the south of the island, Ibiza is especially known for its lively nightlife and endless nights.

From 1960 onwards tourism began to increase exponentially in Ibiza, as in all the Balearic Islands. Ibiza became famous for its hippie movement and later for young tourism and clubbing, becoming the party capital of Europe. Tourists have been drawn to Ibiza because of its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, but of course, summer is the best time to visit. Tourism has brought great wealth to the island and constitutes its main source of income alongside construction, the bad thing is that the bad thing is that a lot of tourism with high purchasing power has made life more expensive.


Restaurants tend to have very high prices for dishes that, compared to other places, can be obtained at a lower price. Today Ibiza is still synonymous with partying and nightlife. It is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world, and has received some of the best DJ’S of the world. Many low-cost airlines offer trips from all over the world in order to get there, throughout the summer season. In Ibiza there are two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. Since the island is a major international tourist destination, it is very common for people who work with tourism to also speak other languages such as English, Italian, French or German.


The cove of Es Cavallet is a beautiful paradise located in ‘Ses Salines Natural Park’, you can access by the road that runs through the park and around a roundabout located on the airport road, 3 kilometers ahead, just before crossing the reservoirs, there is a sharp curve. Going straight ahead, you take the path to Es Cavallet beach. The shore is about 700 meters ahead.

Is well known for being one of the firsts and pioneer nudist beaches in Spain, with an extensive sandy area topped by a stone defensive tower. This beach is perfect for gay tourism that even has a beach bar oriented to this community. Since is on the way in or out of Formentera you can anchor your boat in the crystal turquoise waters and enjoy sunbathing in the Baltic sea, just a piece of advice: if you are sailing in a larger boat be careful with the reefs close to the shore, since they come about 150 meters out to sea. Getting to the beach is kind of difficult because of this so you can help yourself by using a dinghy or RIB to get to the coast.

Tip: we recommend taking into account that the beach is very open to the prevailing summer easterly winds (Levante) and is constantly being battered by all the waves from the boats that are getting in or out to Formentera, so it can get kind of bumpy to anchor your boat. Although, if you are an adrenaline junkie you are going to love when the Levante blows and you can practice extreme sports such as kitesurfing.

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Address: Camí des Cavallet, S/N Platja Es Cavallet, 07817, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 39 53 55
Web: www.elchiringuitoibiza.com
Dinghy service: yes

“Great tasting food, great environment and the best view ever”

Known for having one of the best food offer in the whole island, El Chiringuito has everything the customer needs. They are proud to say that all the ingredients they use for their meals are hand-picked, top quality and locally sourced.

Address: Playa Es Cavallet, 07800 Sant Jordi, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 39 65 72
Web: www.laescolleraibiza.com
Dinghy service: no

“Take a seat and make yourself at home”

For the past 25 years and since their grandma started making ‘paellas’ for everyone, La Escollera has become one of the best and more traditional places to eat in Ibiza. It has wonderful views of the island of Formentera, the beach of Es Cavallet and the Mediterranean Sea. They serve authentic Spanish and Mediterranean food including seafood, premium meat, and a wide vegetarian and vegan selection.

Address: Playa d'Es Cavallet Es Cavallet Playa, 07830, Ibiza Ciudad, Ibiza, España.
Phone: +34 971 59 95 08
Web: chiringay.com
Dinghy service: no

“A legendary place, for legendary people”

Simple but great, Chiringay is a very enjoyable place to be. Its menu consists of a wide variety of dishes that range from typical Spanish food with an Asian touch such as a red tuna tataki with wakame or the Truffle risotto with funghi and parmesan. El Chiringay has experienced a series of changes that ended up transforming it into what it represents today: freedom and fun for everyone who steps on it.

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Ses Salines beach is one of the most famous in Ibiza, and that is because it differences itself from other beaches. Along the beach you can find some beach bars that offer drinks and food directly to your hammock, those are the only buildings in the area so you can say with certainty that the beach keeps its natural appeal. In addition, each beach bar, such as the famous ‘Malibu’, ‘Guaraná’ or ‘Sa Trinxa’, has full music for the enjoyment of everyone. In front of the entire Ses Salines beach tend to anchor many luxury yachts, owned by the rich and famous, actually, if you are trying to catch a celebrity or famous soccer player on vacation, you are probably going to do it . In front of Sa Trinxa, the chiringuito that is more to the left of Las Salinas, is an area very frequented by nudists.

Despite being a gorgeous tropical paradise, is not that calmed so if you are looking for some peace and quiet we recommend you go somewhere else.

Tip: If you are feeling energetic, walk to the lookout tower. Out of season is a way to shake off the cobwebs and activate your body, you can head back through the woods and enjoy the vegetation. In the summer it allows you to discover the coves located along the rocky coast. Maybe you find a little beach just for you!

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Address: Playa de Salinas, Ibiza Ciudad, Ibiza, España.
Phone: +34 971 59 95 08
Web: www.guarana-salinas.com
Dinghy service: yes

Guarana Restaurant has been active for 40 years and, until now, is still one of the best places to eat in Ses Salines. It has been owned by the same local family since its opening in 1973. They offer dinghy service so you can either eat at the restaurant, on your beach chair or directly on your boat!

Address: Playa Ses Salines, Ibiza Ciudad, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 39 65 80
Web: ibizamalibu.es
Dinghy service: yes

Malibu Beach is well known for being one of the oldest yet coolest places to be and through the years it has kept its essence and style.

Address: Ses Salines Beach, 07818, Ibiza, España
Phone: +34 971 39 57 88
Web: www.jockeyclubibiza.com
Dinghy service: yes

Celebrities adore Jockey Club, it has great vibes and good music, they call themselves “a restaurant with a ‘chiringuito’ style, which translates to quality but at the same time a relaxed mood. They’ve been active since 1993 offering a tasty Mediterranean menu, exclusive wine list, Breakfast on the beach, sunbeds, fruit & cocktail bar and DJ’s.

Address: Ses Salines Beach, 07818, Ibiza, España
Phone: +34 618 96 05 00
Web: www.satrinxa.com
Dinghy service: no

Sa Trincha origins date back to the 1980‘s. They’ve become a landmark on the island offering great food, a great time and memories that last forever. All in a privileged environment, with a green carpet gateway to the sea.

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Cala Jondal is THE most trendy beach in Ibiza. Water is always transparent, clean and clear! It is a joy to dive into the ocean water in summer, which is usually at a perfect temperature for bathing, to be swimming and to be able to see the seabed and the fish perfectly and of course, for scuba diving.

It should be noted that Cala Jondal is a beach made up mainly of ‘còdols’, stones with rounded shapes, so in many parts of the beach it is uncomfortable to lie down, if not impossible, it is even dangerous to enter the water in these areas. For this reason, the beach of Cala Jondal has been enabled with many entry walkways to the water to avoid the rocky area and comfortably enter the sea.

Cala Jondal stands out, in addition to its crystal clear water, for the beach bars on the seashore: in them you can taste delicious fish and who knows, perhaps eating with a famous person at the next table, and that is why Cala Jondal is considered a very hip beach. Along the coast you’ll find different restaurants and clubs with incredible views on the beach, to get there you have to go towards the Ibiza airport, in the south of the island. Just before arriving, you will find a roundabout with a detour towards ‘Can Tomàs’, follow it and you will have to go in the direction of the Cala Jondal signs. Following a well paved road, although with curves, you will arrive, right next to the detour to Sa Caleta, the detour to Cala Jondal.

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Address: Cala Jondal, 07840, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 41 01 17
Web: marina.bluemarlinibiza.com
Dinghy service: yes

“The top in its game, sensational and glamorous”

With its Peruvian influence, Blue Marlin t's the royalty of beach clubs. A world powerhouse, a name synonymous with “VIP” culture, without a doubt, this coastal hotspot throws some of the most prodigious parties. Dancing under the shade of juniper trees is nothing short of magic. With a backdrop of the glistening coastline of Cala Jondal and the dazzling crowd of Blue Marlin, this destination has no competition.

Address: Carrer Yondal 3, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 18 74 81
Web: www.yemanjaibiza.com
Dinghy service: yes

“Yemanjá Beach is part of the Blue Marlin Ibiza group so, you have quality guaranteed”

Yemanjá Restaurant has built its reputation on exceptional traditional Spanish cuisine coupled with a family atmosphere for more than 30 years. To eat a ‘bullit de peix’ or an exquisite creamy rice with lobster, definitely tastes different if you are having them on the shores of the Mediterranean, with impeccable service and the right music to enjoy every moment of the day. It is also the perfect place to meet friends and try their aperitifs at sunset or simply dare to discover the true spirit of Ibiza every day of the year.

Address: Cala des Jondal, Porroig, 07829, Spain.
Phone: +34 971 18 78 67
Web: esxarcu.com
Dinghy service: yes

“Fish, shellfish and Iberian ham in a secluded fishing cove”

Mariano Torres Tur and his family have created a paradisiacal corner. In the small cove of Es Xarco, except for the occasional clueless one, only the fishermen of the ‘varadero’ huts and the restaurant's clients go, a rustic and sailor bar full of charm that serves to the boats that anchor nearby and offers hammocks to your guests to enjoy the place to the fullest. The tranquility, the soft sound of the sea waves and the excellent fresh fish and seafood, served on large silver trays, mesmerize a clientele with high purchasing power. People come to enjoy a meal and end up spending the whole day, between baths, gatherings and glasses of champagne.

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Es Torrent is not an idyllic beach. Rocks, codols and gravel cover the entire coast so lying in the sun is not easy. Perhaps its discomfort is one of the attributes that cause this beach to be very uncommon among the tourist routes. Mass tourism is not present on this beach, so it is a quiet place to seek tranquility and enjoy the wonderful turquoise water.

This small cove in ‘Porroig’ bay is one of the most exclusive in the south of Ibiza, thanks to the fish restaurant that bears the same name and which is one of the most prestigious on the island. The beach has deckchairs and umbrellas and a small fashion store, although it has the disadvantage that the interior of the water, being made of round and large stones, makes bathing kind of difficult. It is advisable to wear suitable footwear. Some luxury yachts tend to dock in front of it and it is always quiet, even in the months with the highest influx of tourists.

To get to Es Torrent, from Sant Josep, you have to take the road to Eivissa. After about 3 km, in the middle of a curve, on the right, you will see the Porroig road. Follow it for a few kilometers, until you see another road leading out to the right between the pines. It is indicated.

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Address: Platja d'es Torrent, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 80 21 60
Web: www.estorrent.net
Dinghy service: yes

Es Torrent by Xico Sala is, by excellence, the best place in the cove. He has created a unique atmosphere surrounding all the perks of being by the sea for over 25 years. His chef, José Tur, has created a top-quality menu that include all the favorites such as Gallegan octopus, samorra fish with rice, sautéed squid and black rice. After a powerful meal it would be fair to take a nap on a hammock under the shelter of a straw umbrella.

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Platges de Comte, also incorrectly known as Cala Comte or Cala Conta, enjoys wonderful views at sunset. It consists of several coves of white sand, bathed by turquoise waters from which the islands of Es Bosc, Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes and S’Espartar can be seen. For this reason, it is usually quite popular, although its visit is essential, since it is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, according to various rankings of Internet users and travel magazines.

You can get there by car, bus or ferry during the summer. Ferries depart regularly from the San Antonio port and from various hotels throughout the San Antonio Bay. The bus can be caught at the San Antonio station or from various stops on the bay road. Sadly, you can no longer park directly on the beach, access is closed by a barrier, but there is a large space for parking on the left before the barrier. Parking alongside the road is forbidden, although many cars do but we should tell you that police control in that area is pretty strict and issues fines very regularly.

Platges de Comte has two coves, at the beginning of the parking lot there is another small cove, with a wide area of sand and several boathouses, known as Es Racó d'en Xic. On the other side, coast to coast towards Sant Antoni, and between the restaurants S’Illa des Bosc and Ses Roques, is a low area of rocks where people go to enjoy the water. Next to Ses Roques you will also find the pier cove, another idyllic enclave, and then Ses Roques Males, a seaside corner of boathouses and with a cliff drilled in the shape of a cave, where you can bathe in the shade on sandy bottoms.

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Address: Playa Cala Conta, Cala Comte, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 80 60 50
Web: www.restaurantesesroques.com
Dinghy service: no

Ses Roques is an emblematic restaurant on the Sant Josep coast. It has been open since the 80’s when it was only a ‘chiringuito’ that served food to the tourists and hikers of the area. Being located in one of the most privileged enclaves of Ibiza, is one of the most idyllic places to celebrate an important event, of course, accompanied by a great ‘paella’ and a fresh ‘sangría’

Address: Calle Playa Cala Conta s/n Afueras s/n, 07820, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 80 61 61
Web: www.silladesbosc.com
Dinghy service: no

The menu at the S’Illa des Bosc restaurant is focused on the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands. Fresh fish and seafood on the grill and of course, the rice and paellas that have made this restaurant so famous. It’s a first class restaurant located in one of the best places on the island from where you can appreciate the best sunset in Ibiza.

Address: Cala Conta, s/n, 07829, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 661 34 72 22
Web: www.sunsetashram.com
Dinghy service: no

Sunset Ashram is not only located in one of the most spectacular beaches of Ibiza, but it also is built with materials that simulate the sand of the sea, which blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, dotted with islets, turquoise water and nature everywhere. The music is in charge by a DJ and every day and every night the music is on, there is a non-stop party mood.

The restaurant's menu is very varied and is very curious but they have a recommendation to eat for day or night, in order to adapt to what the body asks each hour. You can choose between quick dishes for a light meal, fresh salads that are super appetizing after a long day at the beach or heavier dishes of meat and fish made with dedication and the best ingredients. Its professionals play in the kitchen with the fundamentals of Mediterranean and Indian gastronomy, adding another challenge: sushi.

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