All on board, family, friends or partner...

Originality, innovation and adventure define us


About Us

Originality, innovation and adventure define us. Fulfill your dreams aboard a dream ship, admire the vast sky on a starry night, breathe the purest air from the Mediterranean Sea, dwell yourself into the pleasure of the EXOPIA feeling. All on board, family, friends or partner, connecting mind, body and soul, exploring the majesty of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Let's go there, where not everyone can find you. Flow with it, sailor.

Our Mission

To provide you with the most pleasurable experience on board of a luxury yacht venue. Our philosophy is to cause on you the feeling of the unimaginable, to impact your treasury box of memories through unique designed experiences for the most demanding taste in the exclusive island of Ibiza and Formentera.

Our Vision

To transform the luxury-sailing perspective in Ibiza and Formentera, to be the utopia, the number one choice of the most original ones, living the dream.

  • PLEASURE: Fulfilling moments with enjoyment and luxury, the best of the best, the utopia.
  • RELAXATION: No space, no time, when it comes to live the moment, to fully embody peace.
  • THRILL: The excitement, the unimaginable, the unexpected & Ibiza.
  • EXCELLENCE: The outstanding quality of the highest yacht experiences. The boat, the view, the feeling.
  • ORIGINALITY: Originality on us, on you, on choosing THE charter venue, EXOPIA.

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