Whether you see it day or night, Ibiza is a fascinating city, an island of delicious contrasts.

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Whether you see it day or night, Ibiza is a fascinating city, an island of delicious contrasts. Cosmopolitan and multicultural, but attached to its rural roots. Bustling and relaxing. Of global fame and at the same time unknown. An exceptional piece of the Mediterranean, to which many come with the claim of its vibrant nights, but which offers many other attractions. More than 18 km of fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, pure white houses, fortified churches or the unforgettable walls of Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site.Located in the south of the island, Ibiza is especially known for its lively nightlife and endless nights.

From 1960 onwards tourism began to increase exponentially in Ibiza, as in all the Balearic Islands. Ibiza became famous for its hippie movement and later for young tourism and clubbing, becoming the party capital of Europe. Tourists have been drawn to Ibiza because of its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, but of course, summer is the best time to visit. Tourism has brought great wealth to the island and constitutes its main source of income alongside construction, the bad thing is that the bad thing is that a lot of tourism with high purchasing power has made life more expensive.


Restaurants tend to have very high prices for dishes that, compared to other places, can be obtained at a lower price. Today Ibiza is still synonymous with partying and nightlife. It is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world, and has received some of the best DJ’S of the world. Many low-cost airlines offer trips from all over the world in order to get there, throughout the summer season. In Ibiza there are two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. Since the island is a major international tourist destination, it is very common for people who work with tourism to also speak other languages such as English, Italian, French or German.

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