If there is an ideal destination to spend a vacation with the Balearic Islands it is Formentera.

In Formentera

If there is an ideal destination to spend a vacation with the Balearic Islands it is Formentera, a small island in the Baltic sea that was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, it combines many attractions, among which is nature tourism although it also has many restaurants, clubs and ‘chiringuitos’ to enjoy. You have to visit it to see that the island of Formentera is really an authentic natural paradise that we have in the Mediterranean.

It is thought that the only way to go to Formentera is to cross in a small boat from Ibiza, an island located to the north, just half an hour on a fast ferry but you can also get there by ferry crossing with your own car. Formentera is a very small island, elongated in shape, with little more than 20 kilometers of distance from one end to another. Almost completely flat, the highest height is found on the cliffs of the Faro de La Mola, with just 200 meters of elevation above the sea. They are only 83 square meters of surface surrounded by beaches and coves, all in a very lonely environment.


Formentera beaches come with the whitest sand and clearest most crystalline water you have ever seen. It’s a great place to walk or to take a bike, although renting a car is always the best option for you to visit all the coves and beaches. A lot of people like to hike to the old lighthouses or look for ancient caves. If you prefer activities at the sea, snorkelling or diving would be perfect for you, and if it is your first time there, you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of marine fauna that will blow your mind.

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