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Feel free to give us a call anytime; we value personal interaction and are here to assist you. Share your plans with us, and we'll recommend the best boat type based on your preferences. We're committed to ensuring that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Especially during peak times (May - September), chartering becomes highly sought after. To secure the boat of your choice and have access to the finest vessels, we strongly recommend booking as early as possible. This ensures you not only get the best options but also guarantees a smooth and worry-free experience for your desired dates.

Most boat rentals include: Crew, complimentary drinks, towels, cleaning service, full insurance, snorkel equipment, and harbor mooring. Please note that fuel costs are not included in the boat rental price.
For specific details on what is included and what is not, you can refer to each boat's information on our website or in the brochure / pdf of each boat.

As the chartering service entails a minimum duration of 8 hours, we highly recommend considering a commencement time between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., although the final decision rests with you! This way you’ll get day and some night time!

Depending on the boat type and the planned route, our team will provide you with an estimated fuel consumption rate. This information is particularly relevant for motorboats, as both catamarans and sailboats have minimal motor consumption.

In each boat's brochure/PDF, you'll find details about the engine, cruising speed, and estimated consumption rate, whether in litres or euros per hour. The engine only consumes fuel during operation; it remains off during anchoring. Factors like engine power, speed, boat weight, sea conditions, wind resistance, and mileage can influence fuel consumption.

To prepare your boat for an unforgettable experience, we request a 50% advance payment of the total price. The remaining 50% can be settled the morning before departure, along with fuel costs and any additional extras you'd like to bring on board.You can conveniently pay and secure the boat either through a payment link or via bank transfer.

When accommodating larger groups, the preferred option is to choose two boats in tandem. These vessels stay closely connected throughout the day. In favorable sea conditions, when anchored, they can be tethered with ropes, ensuring they are positioned side by side. This arrangement creates a seamless experience, making it almost imperceptible that you are on different boats.

Although bad weather it is not common during the spring/summer season. If the experience cannot take place we will either reschedule the charter date or we will proceed to a full reimbursement. If you wish, you can ask us about the cancellation policy for your peace of mind.

To finalize the booking process, we kindly request a photo of your ID card or passport along with your current address. This information is necessary for the charter contract. Rest assured that your personal information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of facilitating your charter experience.

Typically, extras are settled before the charter, although this can vary depending on the specific extras requested. Water toys like seabobs, jet skis, and flyboards, as well as additional services such as catering and specific drinks, are usually paid in advance.

Certainly. Kindly provide information about the ages of the children so we can select the appropriate life jackets. Ensuring safety on board is our top priority. Please attentively listen to the captain as he provides essential safety instructions.

Certainly! We specialize in organizing a wide range of events, including birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, weddings, corporate events, filming, photo shootings, and much more. Whatever your event needs may be, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Absolutely! Please inquire about the cancellation policy for your booked boat. We always strive to maintain flexibility to accommodate any inconvenience you may encounter.

Boat availability will be personally confirmed by our Exopia Ibiza Charter agents. For last-minute requests, prompt payment is essential. Since last-minute boats cannot be reserved, securing your payment quickly is crucial. If another customer pays first, the boat may no longer be available for you.

It is customary to pay a gratuity to the crew to thank them for their attentions during your stay, although it is not obligatory. Whether you wish to tip should depend on your level of satisfaction.

The APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) constitutes 30% of the charter price and serves as a deposit for additional expenses incurred during the charter. Any remaining amount is refunded at the charter's conclusion. Extras covered by the APA include fuel, special orders (food, drinks, etc.), additional toys, chef services, crew tips, and more.

Yes, many of the restaurants on Ibiza and Formentera have a take away service. Our agents will confirm if the restaurant has the take away service so that you can have lunch on board.

Our fleet is typically stationed at the ports of Marina Ibiza and Marina Botafoch. However, our dedicated team will personally confirm the exact location for your check-in.

We always recommend having lunch at any of the restaurants in the area. The gastronomic offer is very wide and we can advise you according to your preferences, we will be happy to make a reservation for you.

In the profile of each boat, you will find information about the maximum number of passengers allowed on board.

In Spain, the law typically limits yacht charters to a maximum of 12 passengers, including children and infants. This regulation is in place to prioritize the safety and well-being of all passengers. For groups larger than 12 people, it is necessary to rent multiple boats and coordinate them in tandem, or alternatively, opt for boats with special licenses that permit more than 12 passengers on board.

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