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Are you planning to visit the Balearic Islands this summer? If you have decided on the largest island of the Pitiusas (Ibiza and Formentera), you have not been wrong. Tradition, culture, lots of parties, stunning sunsets and, above all, great beaches await you here. For families, to have a few drinks, nudist beaches … Ibiza […]

Why Ibiza? Go with the flow… of the waters in Ibiza

If we talk about dreamy and amazing destinations, Ibiza stands out among our favorites. One of the pearls among the Balearic Islands in Spain, it stands out not only for the beauty of its beaches, which give access to the Mediterranean Sea, but for the offer of totally amazing experiences. From the emblematic Yoga schools, […]

A look at Formentera!

Today we tell you all the essential things to see in Formentera! A true wonder of a Mediterranean island, a paradise next to home with all the elements to make it an unforgettable trip. It is a very small island; it does not have more than 83 square kilometers. Perhaps it seems that there are […]

IBIZA, a land of history, culture, party and fun!!

Located in the south of the island, Ibiza is especially known for its lively nightlife and endless fun nights. But the city has much more to offer to its visitors by reinventing itself day after day to give the best experience! There’s no day like another! Ibiza has evolved from being a pirate settlement to […]