The cove of Es Cavallet is a beautiful paradise located in ‘Ses Salines Natural Park’, you can access by the road that runs through the park and around a roundabout located on the airport road, 3 kilometers ahead, just before crossing the reservoirs, there is a sharp curve. Going straight ahead, you take the path to Es Cavallet beach. The shore is about 700 meters ahead.

Is well known for being one of the firsts and pioneer nudist beaches in Spain, with an extensive sandy area topped by a stone defensive tower. This beach is perfect for gay tourism that even has a beach bar oriented to this community. Since is on the way in or out of Formentera you can anchor your boat in the crystal turquoise waters and enjoy sunbathing in the Baltic sea, just a piece of advice: if you are sailing in a larger boat be careful with the reefs close to the shore, since they come about 150 meters out to sea. Getting to the beach is kind of difficult because of this so you can help yourself by using a dinghy or RIB to get to the coast.

Tip: we recommend taking into account that the beach is very open to the prevailing summer easterly winds (Levante) and is constantly being battered by all the waves from the boats that are getting in or out to Formentera, so it can get kind of bumpy to anchor your boat. Although, if you are an adrenaline junkie you are going to love when the Levante blows and you can practice extreme sports such as kitesurfing.


Address: Camí des Cavallet, S/N Platja Es Cavallet, 07817, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 39 53 55
Dinghy service: yes

“Great tasting food, great environment and the best view ever”

Known for having one of the best food offer in the whole island, El Chiringuito has everything the customer needs. They are proud to say that all the ingredients they use for their meals are hand-picked, top quality and locally sourced.

Address: Playa Es Cavallet, 07800 Sant Jordi, Ibiza España
Phone: +34 971 39 65 72
Dinghy service: no

“Take a seat and make yourself at home”

For the past 25 years and since their grandma started making ‘paellas’ for everyone, La Escollera has become one of the best and more traditional places to eat in Ibiza. It has wonderful views of the island of Formentera, the beach of Es Cavallet and the Mediterranean Sea. They serve authentic Spanish and Mediterranean food including seafood, premium meat, and a wide vegetarian and vegan selection.

Address: Playa d'Es Cavallet Es Cavallet Playa, 07830, Ibiza Ciudad, Ibiza, España.
Phone: +34 971 59 95 08
Dinghy service: no

“A legendary place, for legendary people”

Simple but great, Chiringay is a very enjoyable place to be. Its menu consists of a wide variety of dishes that range from typical Spanish food with an Asian touch such as a red tuna tataki with wakame or the Truffle risotto with funghi and parmesan. El Chiringay has experienced a series of changes that ended up transforming it into what it represents today: freedom and fun for everyone who steps on it.

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