If there is an ideal destination to spend a vacation with the Balearic Islands it is Formentera.

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If there is an ideal destination to spend a vacation with the Balearic Islands it is Formentera, a small island in the Baltic sea that was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, it combines many attractions, among which is nature tourism although it also has many restaurants, clubs and ‘chiringuitos’ to enjoy. You have to visit it to see that the island of Formentera is really an authentic natural paradise that we have in the Mediterranean.

It is thought that the only way to go to Formentera is to cross in a small boat from Ibiza, an island located to the north, just half an hour on a fast ferry but you can also get there by ferry crossing with your own car. Formentera is a very small island, elongated in shape, with little more than 20 kilometers of distance from one end to another. Almost completely flat, the highest height is found on the cliffs of the Faro de La Mola, with just 200 meters of elevation above the sea. They are only 83 square meters of surface surrounded by beaches and coves, all in a very lonely environment.


Formentera beaches come with the whitest sand and clearest most crystalline water you have ever seen. It’s a great place to walk or to take a bike, although renting a car is always the best option for you to visit all the coves and beaches. A lot of people like to hike to the old lighthouses or look for ancient caves. If you prefer activities at the sea, snorkelling or diving would be perfect for you, and if it is your first time there, you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of marine fauna that will blow your mind.


It has always been considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and if you are looking for an experience like no other in Formentera, the cove of Ses Illetes which is located within the ‘Ses Salines of Eivissa and Formentera Natural Park’ is one of the most representative landscapes of the coast, occupying a large area of the ‘Es Trucadors’ peninsula. Being a dune protection zone, we recommend that you take a good look at where you can park your vehicle since there are several restricted areas to protect the terrain.

The turquoise color of the sea, along with the pure white sand, invite you to relax in shallow and calm waters to achieve inner peace and fully enjoy the experience. According to TripAdvisor users, is one of the most popular beaches so you will have no problem finding a typical seafood restaurant and if you travel with children it is also a safe and ideal environment for them. Among the many activities that you can do are snorkelling, kayaking and pedaling.

If what you’re looking for is bustle, July and August are high season months so they are perfect. June and September are two of the most recommended months because of the heat, and by that time tourism has not yet reached its maximum splendor on the island. If you want a little more tranquility, May and October are the ideal months for you.

Tip: the north area is designated a nudist beach so feel free to work on your full tan.

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Despite being a small beach of just 140 meters in length, Cala Saona is considered the jewel of the western coast of Formentera, being a cove surrounded by cliffs unlike the open beaches of the rest of the island. Its access is through ‘Sant Francesc’, heading towards ‘La Mola’, arriving by vehicle.

Always a favorite among visitors to enjoy the sunset thanks to its tranquility, while accompanied by a delicious drink in conjunction with their loved ones. The beach bars and ‘chiringuitos’ offer a hammock rental service if you prefer to enjoy the view like that.

As additional things to do, it has a wide variety of activities to practice such as Paddle Surf, kayak or snorkel. The surroundings of Cala Saona exude a classic Mediterranean atmosphere. Hotels and restaurants in the area offer various services quite accessible for tourists and the access to the beach is through a path in the forest surrounded by pine trees and stone walls and a wooden walkway installed to protect the dune system.

One of the main attractions of this cove is that it is, next to Illetes, one of the only two beaches on the island where you can contemplate the sunset. Here, the sunsets are truly spectacular. It is impressive to see how the sky and the cliffs that surround the cove are covered in reddish, pink and orange colors as the sun sets over the horizon.

But forget about it being a show for your eyes only. The sunset in Saona has become a classic in the island of Formentera, so there are many who come every afternoon to watch the nightfall on this beautiful and lively beach.

Tip: one of the best tours to do while there, is to visit Punta Rasa, where you will find some wonderful underwater caves.

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Migjorn is the given name to the south coast of Formentera, it is the longest beach on the entire island having five kilometers of paradisiacal beaches, which makes it where usually you find the lowest density of people and is made up of various coves that are divided by the intercalation of rocky and sandy areas.

All the coves of Migjorn are surrounded by pine trees and junipers and, along the entire beach, you can find several establishments that adapt to different budgets.

Being such a long beach and with so many possibilities, it is highly recommended for families, especially because it is usually very sheltered from the prevailing winds in the summer months thanks to its shallow sandy bottoms where you can swim safely. This large sandy area is the one with least light pollution on the island, so the nights with the starry sky are pure fantasy. You can turn any summer night into one of the best nights of your vacation with some drinks and supplies in your beach bag to enjoy the stars, the silence and the sea breeze.

Although at first sight it may not seem so due to its south orientation, it is also an ideal place to enjoy the sunset in any of its ‘chiringuitos’ and restaurants, having a snack, eating a paella, a seafood delicacy or a ‘bocata’.

Tip: always carry an extra outfit in case you want to wander around a bit longer and enjoy the starry night.

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Es Pujols is considered the only tourist town and one of the most important on the island, it has a wide sandy area that runs 690 meters of coastline but at the same time it is a fairly intimate place where you can always meet the locals and see the same people. It may be an urban beach but it has the same beauty as the rest of the island's beaches, where they all share the turquoise and transparent water and white fine sand.

During the day, the best plan is to stroll through the tree-lined avenues accompanied by a chill pace of life with a picturesque touch. The vibes of Formentera are felt everywhere and in Es Pujols you will find endless services such as shops and fashion boutiques; a hippie market that offers clothes, jewelry and souvenirs right on the asphalt of the main street; ideal cafes to sit back and enjoy watching the world go by and, of course, all types of accommodation for every budget.

Es Pujols is located in the northern part of the island, relatively close to Illetes (one of the best beaches in Formentera). You can get there in 10 minutes from the port of ‘La Savina’ along the road that borders the ‘Estany Pudent’. The town is also connected to the town of ‘Sant Ferran’.

Tip: people are very nice and friendly and there’s always the possibility for partying. ¡Be prepared and enjoy the good times!

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Address: Playa Illetas, 07860, Formentera, España.
Phone: +34 971 18 71 30
Dinghy service: yes

The Juan y Andrea Restaurant is well known for their recognizable huge palm trees, clearly seen from far distance. It also has both inside or terrace tables and the specialties have all the flavor from the sea including: fish, seafood, rice, lobster or a garlic ‘bogavante’, among other delicacies.

Address: Playa de Illetas, 07871, Sant Francesc de Formentera, Formentera, España.
Phone: +34 971 32 40 64
Dinghy service: yes

This is a traditional family restaurant and a very popular one in the island where their specialties include Spanish classic dishes such as seafood and ‘paellas’.

Address: Playa Cavall d'en Borras, Es Pujols, Formentera, España.
Phone: +34 659 63 89 45
Dinghy service: yes

This is a great ‘Chiringuito’ for chilling and enjoying a cocktail while admiring the view. You can also order some food and the best thing is that prices are quite affordable.

Address: Playa de Cavall d´en Borràs (Illetas), s/n Parque Natural de Ses Salines, 07870, Formentera, España.
Phone: +34 971 34 99 00
Dinghy service: yes

If you are planning on going to Formentera, you can’t miss Beso Beach. Is probably one of the most fun places to be and to be seen. Their cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean and Basque inspiration in which the fish and seafood are the protagonists, but also keeping in mind all the steak lovers with their famous ‘chuletón’ for 2 people.

Beso Beach has the perfect balance with their gorgeous views and chilling spots but also, as the sun goes down, the volume turns up and the party gets started; with a DJ and an incredible environment, people start to get off their boats and yachts to enjoy the atmosphere.

Address: Carrer De S'Almadrava, 07870 La Savina, Formentera, España.
Phone: +34 971 32 25 70
Dinghy service: yes

Can Carlitos is an old house turned into a Restaurant with a lovely terrace and a wonderful view. Chef Nandu Dubany is the mastermind behind the menu which includes all types of seafood dishes and rice.

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