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You can always give us a call, we love human interaction. Please, let us know your plans and we will recommend you the best boat type regarding your adventure choice.

Especially during peak times (May - September), chartering gets super busy. Book as early as possible to ensure you can charter the boat you want.

As the chartering has a minimum of 8 hour period, our recommendation is to start the day around 11 a.m. and 13 a.m. but it’s up to you! This way you’ll get day and some night time!

Each boat consumes different amounts of fuel. An estimated price for your boat will be given to you at the time of chartering. Fuel will depend on the chosen routes and fuel prices on the day of charter.

To get your boat ready, we ask for the 50% of the total price in advance, so we ensure that the boat does not sail without you.
The remaining 50% will be paid the morning before departure, along with fuel and any extras you may want to bring on board.

Although bad weather it is not common during the spring/summer season. If the experience cannot take place we will either reschedule the charter date or we will proceed to a full reimbursement. If you wish, you can ask us about the cancellation policy for your peace of mind.

In order to proceed with the booking we will need a photograph of your ID card or passport and your address. We need this information to make the charter contract.

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